Pedestrian Accidents

Have you been hurt or injured in a pedestrian accident?

Since a pedestrian has minimal protection when involved in an accident, the injuries can be very serious, and it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured. Our accident injury lawyers will help you examine your case and determine the best options for your personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injuries from pedestrian accidents can be caused by:


Reckless Driving

Drunk Driving

Poor Road Conditions

Faulty Traffic Signals

Cell Phone Use

Personal injuries that can occur as a result of a pedestrian accident can include broken bones, head injuries, internal bleeding, or brain injuries, all of which can cause the accident victim serious pain and suffering. As your personal injury lawyers, we will help you to recover losses and get you the compensation for damages that you deserve. Our accident injury lawyers are familiar with pedestrian accident claims and can advise you on the claims process and what to expect in your specific case. We prepare each case carefully and as our client, your health and future will be our top priority.

Do you believe you have a personal injury claim? Contact our personal injury lawyers today to talk with an accident injury lawyer.